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B3A machine

Club /B3A  machines in Yorkshire

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B3a Machines

Category B3a machines are exempt ffrom Machine Games Duty(MGD) with no tax duty or Vat payable.
  •  Non cash payout (ticket only
  • £500 top prize
  • Rental/share basis
  • Multi Stake/Prize
  • Tax FREE profits

  • Club Hot Shots

    £250/£400 Jackpot B4

  • Deal or no Deal

Club (B4) Machines

York Coin Leisure stock a large range of B4 machines with stakes upto £2 and maximum prize of £400.York Coin Leisure can supply these on a simple profit-share basis so you incur no fixed costs, or on a straight fixed weekly rental basis. All our machines are supplied with note acceptors as standard to maximise income.

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